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I don’t know who the young lady in these photos is but the pictures were just too cute not to include.

OK3 SWL Station


JA3BP Station


These two photos are very early as indicated by the HQ 129X receiver and “command set” transmitters still in use. The speaker on top of the HQ129X is the one I still use today on my TS-2000.        W5DQK, left - W5DRI, right

This photo is a little later showing the Collins 75-A3 receiver and what appears to be a TCS-14 dad used for Army MARS ops.

The photo to the right is of the station of W5WWU, George Ory, from Garyville Louisiana. George was a friend of my folks and he and I still keep in touch. George built the AM transmitter shown on the right.

The station on the left is that of another of my parent’s good friends, W5FYC, Marcel Valois in Covington, Louisiana.

I’m sure that Johnson Viking on the desk must have done a great job for him back in the mid to late 50s when this was taken.

I have been attempting to contact Marcel but no luck so far. He still resides in Covington so I may have to just drop in on him someday.

Old  Ham Station Photos

Most of these are from the W5DQK and W5DRI collections

and date back to the 1950s and 1960s

      My Dad, W5DQK SK 2007                        My Mom, W5DRI SK 1997

These photos were made around 1957. You can see the B&W 5100 AM transmitter and the Collins 75A-3 receiver. The mic is a D-104 still in use today with my Drake. In the background is a converted military surplus rig used for Army MARS but I don’t recall what it was called. The TV rotor box on top of the receiver was used to turn stacked 2 element mono banders on 20, 15 and 10 meters.

This is a picture of my station taken August 28, 2005, the day before Katrina struck and took down my antennas. I was lucky and had no equipment loss in the shack from the storm.

This shows my dual Drake TR-7 station in the shack at my former residence. This photo is from 2001. The top corner of the Harris RF-103A amp can just be seen on bottom left.


W4ARR  Station

ZL2AX   1957

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